The Scudster



The name is Scud. It ain't my real name but I got no reason to tell ya' that, now do I? I don't have a last name either so don't bother askin'.

Yeah, I was here before and left for some personal issues. But I'm back and better than ever. I ain't a familiar anymore so stop askin' or my foot might just find a new home in yer ass.

If you're pale, burn in the sun, and like the sweet taste of blood, I'm killing ya'. Don't fuckin' care about what your name is or your story. Your ass is ash.

[[This is a Blade RP blog with the one and only Scud, back from a well needed hiatus. I RP with anyone so, let's have some fun!]]


scudthefamiliar replied to your post: Scud smirked, shifting slightly at the door. He rang the doorbell then glanced around the house. It was one damn nice place. Dixie and Dee living out here? Hell, he might just have to move down to Georgia. He was getting tired of the city anyway. Smirking, Scud rang the bell again before shoving his hands into his pockets and waiting. He looked different- shorter hair, (a bit) cleaner clothes, but he was sure Dee would recognize him anyway.

Scud chuckled at Dee’s greeting, feeling at home the moment she coddled him with love. He grinned, “My bike-” He pointed to his motorcycle parked in her driveway. “-nope, not at all. Felt nice. I’m always hungry, Dee.” He chuckled.

She rolled her eyes at his response about his bike, “I didn’t mean what brings you here in that sense,” she laughed, “but I’m glad you’re here! I’ve missed you! And I’m pretty sure Daryl’s been missin’ you guys too,” she shook her head and tilted it toward the kitchen, “come along, I’ll fix you up some food,” beaming as she entered the kitchen she practically almost forgot and glanced over her shoulder, “I forgot… have I told you I’m pregnant yet?” furrowing her brow lightly she tried to remember if she had or not, god it was hard to keep track of who she had and hadn’t.

"Nah, but I heard." Scud grinned, following her in. "Kinda’ why I came down. And I could use a break from the city. The country… isn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be." Less choking. And he could see the stars. Josh smiled and took a seat just as two dogs came bounding up to him. He chuckled and reached down to pet them.

"You’re gonna’ have four kids to take care of once that baby gets here."
 He mused, obviously including the dogs and Daryl. “Think you can handle that?” Scud smiled, obviously teasing.